New Employee Onboarding: a Checklist for Success

This checklist has everything you need after you’ve found the perfect candidate for the open role in your organization. Use this list to ensure your potential new hire is successful from the start.  Sign in below to download this free tool!

Job Offers

New hire paperwork

  • You send pre-hire employment documents (tax forms, employment eligibility, new hire manual, licensing, etc) electronically, and the new hires have them filled out prior to their first day
  • You follow up within twenty-four hours after sending these pre-employment documents to ask if your new hire has any questions

Activities prior to Day One

  • New hires are provided with a 30-60-90 day schedule that sets their expectations for their first three months; this plan is sent to them by their direct manager
  • Any canned, basic training (videos, manuals, web sites, documentation) is sent to the candidate prior to their first day, with specific instructions about what to watch and/or accomplish before they arrive. [Note: You may need to pay your new hires for their time spent prior to their first day; consult your labor attorney. In my opinion, these extra paid hours are worth it!]

Make Day One Great

  • Everyone on the management team of the company (or department, if a larger organization) is provided with a New Hire Announcement so they’re aware that there’s a new team member starting
  • The new hire’s workspace is set up and ready for them when they arrive; phone, laptop, logins and any other IT or systems access related items are completed
  • Business cards are sitting at their workspace
  • At their workspace is a New Hire Welcome Package that includes a handwritten or signed note from their manager or team, some company swag, and a bottle of your libation of choice
  • Everyone on the team knows that it’s their responsibility to introduce themselves to the new hire, hand them a business card, and welcome them to the team

Creating Clarity

Checking in at 30/60/90 days

Performance feedback

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