Compensation Strategies from the Chief Empowerment Officer, Nathan Christensen, CEO of Mammoth HR

Nathan Christensen is the CEO of Mammoth HR, named a top place to work by Forbes and a 101 Best and Brightest. Nathan, sometimes called the Chief Empowerment Officer, joins The Best Team Wins this week to share compensation strategies, HR best practices, and more.                        … Read More

Predictive Hiring: Three Interview Questions that Improve Hiring Results

One of the bedrock principles of Predictive Hiring is that a hiring process should be looked at as the process of risk assessment.  You’re not reading the candidate’s resume and taking a guess as to fit; you’re focused on uncovering the factors that, when present, predict a higher likelihood of success for that candidate in… Read More

Three Reasons to Automate Your Job Candidate Pre-Screen

Managers are always looking for a more efficient way to run their recruiting process. For managers looking to optimize their time spent by focusing on the most qualified applicants, screening inbound job applicants using an automated pre-hire assessment is a must. There are three reasons why automating your initial response to inbound job applicants with… Read More