This Week on Inc.: Interviewing Job Candidates? These 4 Things Should Trump Experience Every Time

When it comes to the hiring process, prior job experience often has the least level of correlation to actual job performance. But job experience tends to be the topic employers spend the most time asking candidates about in interviews. While asking about job experience is important, it shouldn’t be the focus of the entire interview. Instead, consider asking questions… Read More

TBTW Podcast Highlight: Building a Culture-First, Mission-Driven Organization

Leading into the Labor Day weekend, we’re taking a break from the podcast and sharing one of our most popular episodes. Eric Savage, President of Freedom Automotive out of Pennsylvania, joins me on the podcast this week for our deep-dive into the people side of retail automotive. Eric tours the country talking to folks about… Read More

New Inc. Post: You Need a Great HR Leader to Help Your Company Grow. Choose One With These 3 Skills

Many startups make the mistake of hiring an HR leader too late. But any business that doesn’t take HR seriously is at risk of facing crises with no resource in place to help resolve them. And without an HR leader in place, it’s challenging to hire the best team possible and turn your people into… Read More

New Podcast: Taking a Neuroscience-Based Approach to People Strategy

Christine Comaford, CEO and Neuroscience-Based Leadership & Culture Coach at SmartTribes Institute, joined me on the podcast this week. In the episode, Christine talked about how she uses the latest neuroscience research to improve the people side of the business, including: hiring right, and boosting employee engagement, employee performance, creativity, innovation, collaboration and more. Christine… Read More

New Inc. Post: Don’t Have a Skills Training Program for Your Employees? New Study Shows That’s a Big Mistake

More than half of employers (54 percent) surveyed in a recent Deloitte study indicated they have no programs in place to build employees’ skills for the future. This is leading to less traditional career paths and internal promotions being decided by tenure, title and internal politics. As a result, many employees are frustrated. Read my… Read More