Recommended Reading – Bad Blood: Secrets and Lies in a Silicon Valley Startup

This week’s recommendation has been talked about across the technology world about the fascinating saga of Theranos. In Bad Blood, Carreyrou details the organization behind the young and charismatic founder Elizabeth Holmes. It was this charisma that promised to completely upend the healthcare industry by using a single drop of blood to extrapolate vital health information.… Read More

The Best This Week for June 8

Strong positive action in the financial markets this week resulted from continued acceleration of job and wage growth here in the US.  Unemployment claims dropped unexpectedly, proving what most business owners already know: the labor market is insanely tight. I’m a big Ray Dalio fan; this entrepreneur started runs Bridgewater Associates, now the largest hedge… Read More

Flat Organizations and Sales Management: An Interview with Clancy Ryan, CRO of Punchkick Interactive

Popularized by Zappos and Tony Hsieh, many organizations are following suit and transitioning over to a flat organizational structure. We’re discussing this and and sales management with Clancy Ryan, CRO of Punchkick Interactive and Director of the Sales Leadership Center at Chicago’s DePaul University, on this episode of The Best Team Wins Podcast.        … Read More