This Week on Inc.: This Is the Hiring Strategy Your Business Needs at a Time of Record-Low Unemployment

The lowest unemployment rate in nearly 50 years means most job seekers are already gainfully employed and, as a result, have the flexibility to be more selective with their job searches. Read my latest Inc. post for several hiring tips to help you stand out from the competition and secure top talent, even at a time… Read More

New Podcast: How an Employee-First Culture Can Help You Attract Both Top Talent and New Business

Matt Rizzetta, CEO at North 6th Agency (N6A), a New York-based public relations and social media agency, joined me on the podcast this week. During the episode, Matt shared a rundown of the agency’s unique Pace Points program, which gives employees the chance to redeem points for perks like free groceries or transit, dream vacation… Read More

This Week on Inc.: New Report Says Most Employees Aren’t Interested in Leadership Training. Here’s How to Change That

Recent research published in Harvard Business Review found that while top-performing employees are most likely to be successful in leadership roles, few are interested in taking on leadership training. Promoting internal employees to leadership roles often works out better than hiring an outside leader, as current employees already know the ins and outs of your business and… Read More

New Podcast: The Secret to Running a Successful Business? Putting Your People First

Jason Fiftal, Chief Operating Officer at ghSMART, is the featured guest on this week’s podcast. During the episode, Jason discussed the importance of putting the “who” (your employees) first, and best practices for hiring the right people and setting them up for success. These include: following a structured interview process, leveraging a scorecard to grade interviews,… Read More