Guest Profile: Kathy Steele, Founder and CEO of Red Caffeine Marketing + Technology

Tomorrow, we have Kathy Steele on the podcast. Learn more about Kathy and her company, Red Caffeine, below!

  • What’s your title?
    CEO and Founder
  • What city is the company based in?
    Lombard, IL
  • When was the company founded?
    November of 2013
  • How many employees do you have?
  • Is your company bootstrapped, or have you raised equity financing (VCs, angels, etc)?
    Bootstrapped, baby! 
  • In 100 words or less, describe what your company does:
    We believe our clients’ stories deserve to be heard, told and loved! Red Caffeine is the marketing + technology agency that partners with visionary organizations that need to reimagine their brand. We provide the strategy and the implementation plan to launch a new product or service, the leads, tools, and analytics to equip their sales teams, and the brand essence to help them recruit and retain top talent.
  • What company accomplishment or milestone in the past 12 months are you most proud of?
    It is challenging to pick one. The achievement that stands out the most is our attendance and graduation from the Junto Institute. We had experienced a toxic business divorce followed by some explosive growth. It had been a crazy ride, and I knew we needed to do something to help us gel. It was a huge time and financial commitment, but our team was “all in” and it was an incredible and powerful learning experience. 
  • What’s the #1 company issue or area of focus for you right now?
    Our number one area of focus is growth. Our strategic plan has three key growth areas of focus, each lead by one of my leadership team and everyone in the company takes part. The areas are:
    1) Employee Engagement and Growth – Our team is the most important asset we have. We intend to support their growth experiences, so we keep engagement and retention high and become a sought after employer.

    2) Exceptional Client Experiences – We want our customers to feel that working with Red Caffeine is the best part of their day. 
    3) Company Visibility and Revenue Growth – We are building to last. Our high-touch managed services programs are positioned to retain customers for life.