Making Remote Work an Important Part of Your Business: An Interview with Nitin Chhoda, Founder and CEO of Total Activation

Listen to this episode on:                   Nitin Chhoda is featured on the podcast this week discussing remote work, managing a remote team, leadership and more.  Nitin’s company is the world’s first line of skincare and nutrition that work in synergy. Find podcast show notes and more about Nitin and… Read More

Employee Onboarding: Three Critical Components for Success

You’ve just moved mountains to get that critical position filled. Months spent posting to job boards, soliciting employee and network referrals, interviewing the highest-potential fits and – finally – finding someone about whom you’re truly excited. You’ve made an offer, and they’ve accepted it. The hard work is just beginning. Your hiring process doesn’t end… Read More

eSports: The Next Lucrative Job Market

If you enjoy playing games on your phone, then you could be a prime candidate for a job in the eSports industry. A few years ago, a Google search for “lol” would have given results explaining that “lol” is an acronym for “laughing out loud,” but now “lol” is all about League of Legends, one… Read More