The Best This Week for May 25, 2018

Thanks for reading The Best Team Wins blog. This week, we’re trying something new. Typically, readers would receive our weekly highlights over email, but we thought it would be valuable to share what we’ve been working on here to give you a preview of the content you can expect by subscribing with us.

As we get ready for the long Memorial Day weekend, I wanted to share a few things I’ve been working on, along with other things I’ve found valuable.

Book of the Week:

Perennial Seller by Ryan Holiday

This is a really unique book in the world of business because it focuses on one thing: creating products and work with true staying power. In a time when everyone is chasing the latest online fads, reactive business plans, and the cliché 15 minutes of fame, Holiday highlights what it takes to put true staying power into your work. The result is a way of approaching any project with an eye to help it endure.

Inc. Highlights

According to Harvard, This 1 Leadership Trait Separates Exceptional Leaders From the Rest

In surveying over 1,000 business leaders across more than 800 organizations, they found that leaders who exhibited (or were perceived by the team to exhibit) high levels of compassion had teams who scored higher on critical performance dynamics within their organizations. Teams led by compassionate leaders exhibited better intra-team collaboration, stronger commitment to the company, and far lower turnover rates than those led by less-compassionate leaders. Visit the original post on Inc. to see how leaders with compassion foster better collaboration, commitment, and loyalty from their teams.

3 Things Companies Do to Build an Exceptional Culture

Are you building a culture by design, or one by default? Over the past eight years, our leadership team has worked hard to design, implement and scale a culture that creates sustainable advantage. In this Inc. article, I outlined the three things we do at Hireology to give ourselves the best possible chance of success.

The Best Team Wins Podcast

This week Adam sits down with Dan Bocik, Chef and Owner at a tavola, to discuss how he’s built a great team at his restaurant through values-based hiring, hands-on training and a commitment to customer service.

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