Paper Napkin Wisdom: An Interview with Govindh Jayaraman

Govindh Jayaraman of Paper Napkin Wisdom

Govindh is the creator of the podcast Paper Napkin Wisdom and co-author of the book Paper Napkin Wisdom, as part of these endeavors he has spoken to hundreds of entrepreneurs about their failures and what they’ve learned over the years. Govindh has 7 companies in his entrepreneurial portfolio and is the current head of startup IMBA Medical based in Canada.

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Episode notes:

1:11- Govindh’s breakthrough at his startup

2:09- What makes good people leave?

4:08- About Govindh and his companies, including his current startup IMBA Medical

6:38- The story behind Paper Napkin Wisdom

9:31- The one consistent theme from the 400+ entrepreneurs Govindh has spoken with on Paper Napkin Wisdom

11:30- Pretending is always hurting

13:16 – How does Govindh create a culture of trust on his leadership team?

19:32- What are people’s reactions to a culture of openness?

21:20- The best advice Govindh ever received as it relates to the people side of business

25:53 – Govindh’s #1 goal for the next year