Merging Two Companies’ Core Values and Culture: An Interview with Jesse McCabe, Founder and CEO of Solid Digital

Solid Interactive recently merged with Usman Group to form Solid Digital and Jesse McCabe is the CEO. In this episode of The Best Team Wins Podcast, Jesse talks about the merger process and the impact it has had on the business, their core values, and company culture.


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Show notes:

1:04 – The merger between Solid Interactive and Usman Group

2:16 – Solid Digital and what they do

4:04 – Being ghosted and avoiding rejection in job interviews

8:05 – Dig in until you find the answers you need

10:23 – Favorite interview question

11:40 – Merging companies and core values

14:06 – Merging companies and the impact on culture

16:40 – Managing change

17:57 – How do you give feedback?

19:01 – How transparency effects teams

22:13 – Empathy, honesty, and breaking down barriers

24:35 – Game-changer book: Challenger Sale

26:30 – The greatest challenge in the next year