Take Your Company’s Career Page to the Next Level

Company Careers Page

Your company’s “careers” page is among the most valuable digital real estate that you own, but most companies treat this vital recruitment asset as an afterthought.

Your career page is so much more than a listing of your current job openings. It’s your secret weapon in the war for talent, and it should be built with a singular purpose in mind: compel would-be job seekers to apply for one of your open positions.

The reasons to invest in your company’s career page are plentiful. Candidate leads that originate organically from a company’s career page:

  • Have a cost-per-hire that is seventy percent less than leads generated from a third party job board.
  • Are sixty percent more likely to be a graded “meets or exceeds expectations” in a performance review than candidates coming from a third party job board.
  • Experience twelve month turnover of nearly fifty percent less than candidates hired from a third party job board.

If you’re reliant on job boards for all of your candidate traffic, that’s an expensive talent acquisition strategy. A better approach would be to invest in your own employment brand, beginning with a dedicated company career page.

Building one that’s both compelling and engaging is well within your reach, and a successful company career page will always contain these three critical elements:

1. Career Path

“If I come to work for you, what’s in it for me beyond simply getting paid?” That’s the question that today’s job seekers are asking themselves every time they look at a potential employer online, and company Career Page should be laser-focused on answering it.

Fox Motors, a new car and powersports retailer based in Grand Rapids, Michigan, does an exceptional job explaining the WIFM– “What’s in it for me?”–on their Careers Page. (Full disclosure: Fox Motors is a Hireology customer.)

You can’t help but get a sense of what it means to be a member of the team, and the picture they paint of the growth potential is both real and compelling. In an industry that faces reputational challenges when competing for top talent, Fox Motors gets a leg up on their competition by making it about more than a paycheck.

2. Culture

“What’s it like working for you?” Your career page has to tell the story of what it’s like to be a part of the team, beginning with core values and extending to the company’s management philosophy and approach to running the business.

Fred Bateman, founder of Bateman Group, has a company career page that absolutely nails it when it comes to describing the culture. You cannot spend a minute anywhere on Bateman Group’s website and not read or see something about what it’s like to work there. There’s a reason Bateman’s company made Inc.‘s inaugural “50 Best Places to Work” listin 2016.

3. Video

“Show me!” Today’s workforce wants to see and experience your company before they decide whether or not to apply for your open positions. That’s why video is a must-have when it comes to content on your company career page.

When you’re approaching the production of your company’s Career Page video, it’s best to keep it simple. Keep it under three minutes, and make it all about your team by hand-picking your best internal advocates and putting them in front of the camera to tell the story of why they love working for your company. You don’t need a massive budget, either–you can shoot the video on a cell phone and use free video editing apps to produce the entire thing.

The difference between winning or losing in your market likely comes down to the team members whom you’re able to recruit and retain. Your company’s careers page is your best opportunity to speak directly to your target job seeker and make the case why they should consider your company as their first choice.


 Note: This post originally appeared on Inc.com.