Encore Podcast Episode: Anytime Fitness Co-Founder and CEO Chuck Runyon

This week’s episode is an encore performance of one of my very favorite TBTW episodes. Chuck Runyon is a legend in both franchising and in the fitness industry. He’s helped to create an exceptional culture that’s been a source of competitive advantage for Anytime Fitness since the beginning.

Listen to Chuck’s philosophy on managing the people side of this business – and take notes. It’s 25 minutes of lessons learned from inside the trenches of building a powerhouse global fitness brand.


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Show notes:

0:26 – About Chuck Runyon and Self Esteem Brands

1:45 – We’re hopping into the way-back machine to when Chuck and his business partner started Anytime Fitness

3:55 – “Do you believe in the idea? Are you willing to work your butt off? Are you willing to do almost anything?”

6:16 – Scaling Anytime Fitness on the people side of the business

8:50 – Chuck’s lessons learned on people and culture at Anytime Fitness

12:30 – Franchising, how to grow the business, and great leadership

15:25 – Discussing Anytime Fitness’ digital differentiation strategy and being the first fitness franchise in China

18:00 – How do you unwind the wrong choice?

20:15 – What is “play at work”?

22:08 – What can Anytime Fitness do better on the people side of the business?

23:18 – “Leaders are readers” –Chuck Runyon discusses what he’s reading

24:23 – What does Anytime Fitness look like next year?

25:48 – Instead of a golden ticket, look for the purple ticket in the first 5000 copies of Love Work


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