New Podcast: Grow Your Business By Setting Clear Expectations and Holding Employees Accountable

Max Yoder, CEO and co-founder at Lessonly, joined me on the podcast this week. Max discussed how to set clear employee expectations and effectively have difficult conversations. He also discussed the importance of building camaraderie among Lessonly’s leadership team and, as a result, creating mutual trust and respect among employees.  During the episode, Max also… Read More

This Week on Inc.: 3 Ways to Make New Employees Feel Welcome — Even Before Day One

More than one-quarter (28 percent) of new employees quit within the first 90 days. And when any employee quits, this is costly for your team – including costs associated with hiring and training the new employee and taking the time to fill the role again. Read my latest Inc. post to learn how you can boost new employee engagement… Read More

This Week on Inc.: 90 Percent of Job Seekers Want You to Add This 1 Step to Your Hiring Process

In today’s competitive hiring market, candidate communication is more important than ever before. If you don’t move the hiring process along quickly and keep in touch with candidates each step of the way, you risk losing top talent to competing job offers. Read my latest Inc. post to learn a key step you can add to… Read More

This Week on Inc.: 4 Ways to Encourage Honest Employee Feedback–and Turn It Into Action

About half of employees don’t regularly speak their minds at work – whether to colleagues or managers. In many cases, this is because they fear negative repercussions or backlash for sharing feedback. Without continuous constructive feedback, your business growth will likely become stagnant. Read my latest Inc. post to learn how you can create an… Read More