CNN Hero Discusses How She Builds Her Team

Blair Brettschneider has been named a CNN Hero¬†and a Forbes 30 Under 30, among other accolades, for the work done through her nonprofit, GirlForward. GirlForward is dedicated to creating opportunities for girls who’ve been displaced by conflict and persecution and have been resettled in the US. GirlForward was founded in 2011, has seven employees, operates… Read More

How Winning can Empower Employees: Interview with Kathy Steele, Founder and CEO of Red Caffeine Marketing + Technology

Kathy Steele is the CEO and founder of Red Caffeine Marketing + Technology out of Lombard, Illinois. The bootstrap company was founded in 2013 and currently has 24 employees and has been named a Best Place to Work by numerous publications and Kathy joins The Best Team Wins Podcast to discuss their innovative people practices.… Read More