Shark Tank Veteran Shares Team Best Practices

Chris founded Spikeball in 2008 and worked late nights for a five years before hiring an employee. Now one of the fastest growing companies in America, Spikeball has been featured on Shark Tank, Forbes, CNN, ESPN2 and more. Chris is featured on this episode of The Best Team Wins podcast sharing his experience building his team at Spikeball.

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Show notes:

1:44 – What is Spikeball?

2:38- Adam played Spikeball in the Hireology office, this is what happened

3:43 – On hiring Spikeball’s first employee

5:42 – Are you lucky or are you that good at recruiting?

6:16 – How did you know you found your key executive?

7:03 – The importance of autonomy for employees

8:15 – What inform’s Chris’ hiring decisions and the pitfalls of focusing on Ivy Leagues and past employers

9:44 – Favorite interview question

11:10- Conversational interviews vs. “How many ping pong balls can you fit on a 747?”

12:10 – The craziest interview of all-time

13:44 РA bunch of great interview questions

14:41 – Belief vs. Technical Skill

16:55 – The most important quality for a manager to have

19:20 – Culture by intent or by default?

20:33 – Firing for core value violations

21:39 – Trust until you shouldn’t

23:04 – Bringing a remote team together

24:16 – The team huddle and all its challenges

27:22 – Chris recommends Competing Against Luck and explains the “jobs to be done” theory

30:33 – The biggest challenge for Spikeball in the next year