The Ultimate Onboarding Checklist

I spend a lot of time talking with leadership teams about best practices for new employee onboarding. Most of the time, we’re talking about the strategies and tactics available to their organization to ensure that every new hire is onboarded consistently.  Prior blog posts reference many of these ways to improve your company’s onboarding process:


Teach core values during new hire onboarding

Employee onboarding: Three critical components of success

Let’s come at this from a different angle.  If you’re thinking about your current new hire onboarding process and you’re worried that you’re piloting a leaky boat, check this list to find out the cause.

A Check List for Success

Job Offers

  • You initiate a phone call with the finalist and walk them through the job offer verbally to trial-close the candidate, and to confirm their onboarding timeline
  • You have a legally-compliant, standard offer template that you send to each potential new hire
  • Once the offer is accepted, you send the candidate a “Red Carpet” email welcoming them to the team, and laying out expectations for their first 90 days

New hire paperwork

  • You send pre-hire employment documents (tax forms, employment eligibility, new hire manual, licensing, etc) electronically, and the new hires have… Click Here to Get the Full List!