What’s Your Go-To Karaoke Song? An Interview with Autumn Berrang, President and Co-Founder of Adjective & Co.

Adjective and Co Team
The team at Adjective & Co.

Recently named one of the Top 50 Best Workplaces in America by Inc. Magazine, Adjective & Co. is a boutique branding agency that has one major guiding principle: we don’t work with people who suck -and that goes for employees and clients. Autumn Berrang is at the helm as President and Co-Founder and she shares the story of building her awesome team and company culture in this episode. Keep scrolling to find show notes and more about Autumn and her business.



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Show Notes:

1:04 – “Happy employees do really great work” and more on being named a Top 50 Best Workplace by Inc. Magazine

3:02- About Adjective & Co., (you can follow them on Instagram and Twitter)

4:09 – Fun fact about Autumn! It involves gambling.

5:31 – Autumn’s first hire at Adjective & Co. and borrowing employees

7:06 – Scaling the business and the team

8:30 – Learning how not to hire and getting to know candidates as people instead of just a resume

10:27 – What does karaoke have to do with hiring?

12:45 – The leadership team at Adjective & Co.

14:24 – How Autumn resolves issues with her super close team

18:08 – “We don’t work with people who suck.”

19:45 – The new client quiz and how Adjective & Co. determines whether or not a client will be a good fit

20:57 – Difficult choices as a leader regarding new business and employee happiness

22:42 – Autumn’s management style: directness in all things

23:06 – Maintaining a rewarding work environment

24:51 – “Usually people at their core don’t really change…”

26:09 – One thing that keeps Autumn up at night

27:26 – Autumn is currently reading Radical Candor by Kim Scott and she highly recommends it