“Treat your employees how they want to be treated.” – Jo Dickstein, Co-Founder of Flowers for Dreams

Jo Dickstein is the co-founder of Flowers for Dreams, based in Chicago, Illinois. The company was founded in 2012 by Jo and his co-founder Steven Dyme. They currently have 31 employees and were bootstrapping until 2014, and have had a few seed rounds since then. They are a Chicago phenomenon and social media superstar. Jo… Read More

Culture Fit is Key: An Interview with Stuart Frankel, Co-founder and CEO of Narrative Science, an Artificial Intelligence company

Stuart Frankel, CEO and Co-Founder of Narrative Science, has been a lawyer, a CPA, a CIO, a CFO, a COO and now a CEO for many companies in many different industries throughout his career. Stuart has a wealth of knowledge around the growing pains of high-growth companies and how to scale teams, and in this… Read More

Bring Solutions, Not Problems: An Interview with serial entrepreneur, Michael Krasman, CEO and Co-Founder of UrbanBound

Michael Krasman, serial entrepreneur, CEO and Founder of UrbanBound, joins The Best Team Wins Podcast for Entrepreneurship Week to discuss people, process, and books.              Connect with Michael on Linkedin and Twitter. Follow UrbanBound on Linkedin, Twitter, and Facebook.                            … Read More