Building and Managing the Best Sales Team in Honda History: An Interview with Jason Graciano, Managing Partner of Greenacres Nissan

Jason Graciano built and managed one of the best sales teams in Honda history, smashing through global records and winning numerous awards. He’s taking his business savvy to a new venture as Managing Partner of the brand new Greenacres Nissan. Jason talks about how he builds and trains great teams and what it’s like to… Read More

Industry Deep-Dive: Retail Automotive

Every year, the National Automobile Dealers Association surveys thousands of dealers around the country to create their NADA Workforce Study. ESiTrends is a big help to this effort, while at NADA 100, the 100th anniversary of the NADA Convention,  I sat down with Ted Kraybill, CEO and Founder of ESiTrends, to discuss the people side… Read More

The Importance of Transparency in Business: An Interview with Kayne Grau, CEO and Founder of Drivin

Kayne Grau, CEO and Co-Founder of Drivin, has been part of several huge tech companies in a variety of CXO roles. He shares his experience in building great teams, transparent company culture, and more on this episode of The Best Team Wins Podcast.                Follow DRIVIN on Facebook, LinkedIn, and… Read More

Human Capital Management as Risk Management: An Interview with Cathi Trippe, VP of Risk Management at Phil Long Auto

Cathi Trippe, VP of Risk Management at Phil Long Auto, has 20+ years of experience in Risk Management and knows that one of the biggest risks in business is who you hire to run that business. She was featured my book, in The Best Team Wins: Build Your Business Through Predictive Hiring, because of her… Read More