Predictive Hiring: Three Interview Questions that Improve Hiring Results

One of the bedrock principles of Predictive Hiring is that a hiring process should be looked at as the process of risk assessment.  You’re not reading the candidate’s resume and taking a guess as to fit; you’re focused on uncovering the factors that, when present, predict a higher likelihood of success for that candidate in… Read More

Your Robot Overlord Says You’re Fired

In the midst of absorbing all of the holiday cheer, I was alerted to this blast of good news from The Guardian: World’s largest hedge fund to replace managers with artificial intelligence Bridgewater Associates has a team of engineers working on a project to automate decision-making to save time and eliminate human emotional volatility The… Read More

Human Capital Management as Risk Management: An Interview with Cathi Trippe, VP of Risk Management at Phil Long Auto

Cathi Trippe, VP of Risk Management at Phil Long Auto, has 20+ years of experience in Risk Management and knows that one of the biggest risks in business is who you hire to run that business. She was featured my book, in The Best Team Wins: Build Your Business Through Predictive Hiring, because of her… Read More