Culture Fit is Key: An Interview with Stuart Frankel, Co-founder and CEO of Narrative Science, an Artificial Intelligence company

Stuart Frankel, CEO and Co-Founder of Narrative Science, has been a lawyer, a CPA, a CIO, a CFO, a COO and now a CEO for many companies in many different industries throughout his career. Stuart has a wealth of knowledge around the growing pains of high-growth companies and how to scale teams, and in this… Read More

Building a Culture-First, Mission-Driven Organization with Eric Savage, President and Owner of Freedom Auto

Eric Savage, President of Freedom Automotive out of Pennsylvania, joins me on the podcast this week for our deep-dive into the people side of retail automotive. Eric tours the country talking to folks about building a company that is mission-first, not money-first. He’s discussing how he’s built his renowned company culture on this episode of… Read More

Industry Deep-Dive: Retail Automotive

Every year, the National Automobile Dealers Association surveys thousands of dealers around the country to create their NADA Workforce Study. ESiTrends is a big help to this effort, while at NADA 100, the 100th anniversary of the NADA Convention,  I sat down with Ted Kraybill, CEO and Founder of ESiTrends, to discuss the people side… Read More